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A network of business professionals & entrepreneurs that share ideas, collaborate on startups, and play video games.

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Quote of the Month

"If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together."

What is ARE?

ARE is the premier battlefield community for team-oriented gamers on PlayStation 4! More significantly, however, ARE is a network of business professionals & entrepreneurs who share ideas, collaborate on startups, and play video games. Well respected in the battlefield community, ARE is committed to being the place for tactical and well-rounded players that value strategy, communication, coordination, and collaboration with others. ARE provides an opportunity for these players to enjoy themselves, play battlefield the way it was meant to be played, and fight alongside other like-minded individuals in an organized environment.

Teamwork + Collaboration

Teamwork + Collaboration

Whether it be on the battlefield or in the board room ARE fosters a culture of collaboration unlike anyother organization of it's kind. As a matter of fact, ARE is the ONLY organization of it's kind and that's what makes us so unique. While we play, practice together, and win together; ARE is also known for it's workshops, business incubator programs, and networking opportunties.



Battlefield strategy such as map callouts, squad positioning, and battle plans are an integrate part of ARE Gaming. When it comes to buisness ventures ARE uses it's resources and community knowledge to build effective business strategies as well as run tests before taking the venture to the market.



The adage “communication is key” has been used for centuries. The ARE Gaming community, is no different. Callouts and efficient communication are paramount in a coordinated ARE squad and is one of the key componets that seperate us from other gaming organizations.



Everything we say and do here boils down to respect for one another and respect for yourself. If you understand this concept you will feel right at home. We are a community of business professionals and entreprenuers young and old and it is through our unqiue culture and team atmosphere that we are able to foster a community of true respect and integrity.

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Core features of ARE


An all in one communication platform for announcements, finding squad-ups, chatting with teammates, and more. Known as “Discord”, this top-tier application is available on IOS, Android, PC, MAC, and on the web.

Community Events

From large get-togethers to game nights, from practice nights to team battles. We do it all, and we do a lot. Outside of the battlefield we host online workshops, business incubator programs, and networking opportunties over Discord where young entrepreneurs work to turn their ideas into reality.

“We [ARE] Battlefield” - Battlefield Server

Our dedicated battlefield servers run 24/7 and are open to anyone and everyone when not being used for private practices and team events. Come join in on the action!!